You’ve made that call before. That call to the homeowner that just listed his house without the help of a Realtor and he’s already angry because you’re the 1,678th agent that’s called him today?? You KNOW he needs your help and he’s totally setting himself up for failure, or worse… a lawsuit, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He. Ain’t. Havin’ it.

You think, “But, I live in his neighborhood, I should have an advantage, I really just want to help him! I’d even give him a discount!” (PROTIP: Don’t do that. You make less money when you do that.) “There has GOT to be a way to get through to him…”

There is:

1. Give him something USEFUL that won't be thrown in the garbage.

NOT a business card, an advertisement showing how awesome you are, or even a cool giveaway with your logo on it. NOTHING about you. Remember, your still an annoying agent to him at this point so it’s gotta be about him.

A hardcover book about how to spruce up your home before you sell, or how to sell your property for more money will do the trick. Leave it in his mailbox with a sticky note that says you’re his neighbor and you’re here to help if he finds out he needs it. See, people don’t throw away books. They may tuck it away somewhere, but they’ll certainly hang on to it 1,000 times longer than your (totally rad) koozie. (Another PROTIP: It’s not rad.)

2. Snap a picture of the house and call your Keystone Rep.

They’ll work up a custom flyer as if it was already your listing, along with a CMA and all property data available online. The week after, leave the flyers and info package in his mailbox with a note that says “Here’s some data that may help you, and you’re free to use these flyers if you want”. And, yes, you can include a business card now.

3. Update your comps.

Even if there aren’t any. The following week, have Keystone refresh your CMA and then you can deliver it with a note like “No new comps this week, but I’m always checking. I’m out here if you’d like some help, let me know.”

4. Have confidence that if he calls any agent, it will be you.

Be the only person that starts working for him with no expectation of anything in return. That’s called “Helping”. You know, that thing you said you wanted to do for him?? That’s how you do it.

Happy Prospecting!

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