The Career Exploding Life Hack for Real Estate Agents

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You’re a brand-new agent. Congrats! You’re hopefully feeling healthy mix of fired-up and completely-terrified. That’s good. Welcome to building a business.


Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have taken an entrepreneur class, or some high-level sales training. Maybe you’ve found a great Broker that’s investing in you and helping you build your sphere of influence. Maybe you’re completely rebranding yourself from a different career and reintroducing yourself to everyone as “their old buddy that’s a new Realtor! Isn’t that GREAT?!?” Maybe that’s super awkward for you.


If you have had any decent training, you’ve certainly heard all the super-trendy business jargon like “core competency”, “low-hanging fruit”, and my personal favorite, “opening the kimono” (yes, I cringed writing that). But, one you need to give some serious consideration: “staying at 30,000 feet”.


The most successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, #BossBabes, etc. ingrain this Career-Exploding Life Hack into their core from the beginning. Staying at 30,000 feet means focusing on growing (and staying above any detail-work that you can have someone else do).


In our business, the growing is in the relationship building, and the details are called transaction coordination.


But, but, but I’m just starting out! I can’t afford to hire anyone yet! I haven’t even inked my first deal!! I’m super offended and want you to go away now!


Question: How much is your time worth? Let’s pretend you have the most common financial goal of new real-estate agents (make $100k your first year). In that case, your time is worth $48.08/hour. The average amount of time a new agent spends on the contract-to-close part of a transaction is 8 hours. (That drops to just over 6 hours as you gain more experience).


Eight hours.


That’s an entire day that you don’t grow. A whole day that relationships aren’t being nurtured, new people aren’t being met, properties aren’t being shown, and (gasp!) networking happy hours are not being attended. Shameful!


Keystone Independent was founded to turn Realtors in Rockstars and it starts with sending you back up to 30,000 feet where you belong. I hear they have a nice happy hour up there.


Keystone’s Turn-Key Contract-to-Close service is $300. Payable upon closing. Send us your next deal, grow your business, be awesome!


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