Why Do You Need Keystone?

Most days, you need another you.

No one tells you this when you start your career, but being a real estate agent is actually two jobs in one. There’s the side you know and love: The networking, showing, relationships, and all the satisfaction that comes when happy clients leave the closing table. Then there’s the side that drives you nuts: The endless forms, chasing signatures, negotiating repairs, scheduling surveyors and inspectors and photographers, keeping everyone on track, managing inventory, putting out fire after fire… It just seems like there’s too little What-You-Love and too much Drive-You-Nuts, no? To put it plainly:

You can’t sell property while you’re in the office.

But, there’s help! Keystone Independent was founded to completely handle the details that are keeping you stuck in the office. Our services can easily be summed up as: Literally all the things you need to do to manage your business,  minus the selling and networking (the part you love). Quick story: You show a property. They love it. Instead of pushing off your next appointment so you can write an offer, you have a three-minute conversation with your Keystone rep and your clients have a perfectly-written contract in their inbox ready to e-sign. They sign, the offer is submitted on your behalf… all done before you even get to your next appointment. And that’s just one example…

It’s really not! Check out our rates, be amazed, and call us. We can quickly get an idea of what your time currently looks like, and find a plan that works for you. The goal here is simple: deliver expert service, give you more time in the field and less time in the office, for less than you think.

An experienced, licensed professional that doesn’t sell?
Never heard of it.

We know. We’re different. See why here.