Meet Jessie

Hi! I’m Jessie Newquist, President of Keystone Independent and I’m addicted to details. In fact, I’m so far deep into this relationship I’ve started with the minutia of real estate transactions, I had to start a company so I could do it all day. I’m obsessed.

In my years of experience working with real estate sales agents, I’ve learned many things but mainly:

  • They are GREAT, high-energy sales people.

  • I love them.

  • But, I’m not them.

Once an agent gets a glimpse of my process and detail I inevitably hear, “You’re licensed but you don’t sell? Why not??” Simple! It’s my core values:

I don’t sell because I encourage. I don’t sell because I guide others to their full potential. I don’t sell because I loyally support. It’s just who I am.

I’m also a wife, mom, dentonite, baseball fan, Ariel club president, foodie, techie, and wannabe rockstar.

Hard work, professionalism, quick-wit, and certainly grace have all afforded me the opportunity to help great salespeople be even more awesome. Whether you’re just starting your real estate career, or already a seasoned veteran, I’m committed to seeing you reach the highest level of your potential, doing what you love.

Thanks for visiting. Call me any time!


These are our principles, our mainstays, and our core. They are what drive every decision made within our company. Heads up, they’re contagious.

The Keystone Independent Culture

  • Efficiency – Fast results come from structure and tenacity.

  • Detail – Re-read, double-check, be certain.

  • Communication – Oh, the power of the enthusiastic call-back and the grateful follow-up.

  • Service – Be proud to be humble.

  • Brilliance – Intellect + cleverness + heart.